Gordianus III

Gordianus III

August 238 – February 244
PredecessorPupienus and Balbinus
SuccessorPhilipus I “the Arab”
Born20 January 225, Rome, Italy
DiedFebruary 244 (aged 19), Zaitha


FatherJunius Balbus
MotherAntonia Gordiana

His Story

The grandson of Gordianus 1st Africanus had already been appointed heir to the throne by Balbinus and Pupienus.
The people, the senate and the military leadership unanimously declared the 16-year-old Caesars emperor after his aged predecessors had met a violent end.
The extremely popular young man showed an astonishing energy and foresight. He immediately appointed his teacher and educator Timestheus (or Mistheus). to political and military advisor.
Immediately, this royal man began to secure the threatened borders in the North and Middle East through skillful strategic operations.
In 240 A.D. Gordianus crushed a revolt in Africa and marched in 242 AD with various legions into Syria. There in the meantime, the Persian king Sapur had occupied almost all of Mesopotamia.
Gordianus won the decisive battle at Resaina in a superior manner; and reconquered the lost territories.
A year later, his paternal friend Timestheus died a mysterious death.
The praetorian prefect Julius Philip, a sinister ambition of Arab origin, took advantage of this circumstance to play an intrigue against the young emperor. Incited soldiers murdered the barely 22-year-old ruler near Circesium in the Euphrates Valley.
Philip I Arabs let it be known that Gordianus had died of a disease. Later, the truth became known through the philosopher Plotinus, who had always accompanied the imperial family.
Gordianus Pius had married the daughter of Timestheus, Tranquillina, in 241 AD.
Many historians claim that with the early death of Gordianus, the last chance to halt the decline of the Roman Empire was lost. Undoubtedly, the last temporary nobleman on the throne died with him.

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