Severus Alexander – Denarius – Alexander in Military Dress

Severus Alexander , 228 - 231 AD , Roma

Obverse:  IMP SEV ALEXAND AVG – Bust of Severus Alexander, laureate, draped over left shoulder, right

The inscription reads: Imperator Severus Alexander Augustus – Supreme commander (Imperator), Severus Alexander, emperor (Augustus)


Reverse:  VIRTVS AVG – Severus Alexander, in military dress, standing left, foot on helmet, holding globe in right hand and spear reversed in left hand

The inscription reads: Virtus Augusti – Courage of the emperor.

  • Severus Alexander
  • Rome
  • Roman Imperial Period
  • Silver
  • 2.2gr
  • 18.4mm
  • RIC IV.2# 226b,

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