Severus Alexander

Severus Alexander

13 March 222 – 22 March 235
SuccessorMaximinus I Thrax
Born1 October 208, Arca Caesarea, Phoenicia
Died21/22 March 235 (aged 26), Moguntiacum, Germania Superior
SpouseSallustia Orbiana
Sulpicia Memmia


MotherJulia Avita Mamaea

His Story

A beloved cousin of Elagabalus, Severus Alexander. While Elagabalus was still an emperor, Severus Alexander was named Caesar.

With his growing popularity, Elagabalus realized that he had a menace of being a future rival, which is why he wanted to oust him. However, the army got infuriated by this, and the young Caesar was already under their wings.

Rather than letting Elagabalus to dispose of Alexander through violent or civil means, instead, the emperor was murdered by them which ideally clears the way for the accession of Alexander. 

For relative peace, a thirteen-year rule was set-up by Alexander. Since, the reigning period of Marcus Aurelius, the Romans enjoyed a monarch who had welfare goals for them, including arts pursuit.

One of his single weaknesses turned out to be extremely fatal, and it was his reverence for his mother who was untactful.

Similar to none other women till that period, Julia Mamaea used to style herself as an empress, and had an unapologetic behavior in her rule with constant interference in state affairs. This was an embarrassing moment and also an irritation in the senate, army’s prevailing sensibilities, and other Roman citizens.

The hushed whispers expanded with time to being protestations that are outspoken, and eventually then came mutiny. 

Alexander was a mild-mannered man, and either he was unable or was unwilling to correct the damaged situation by removing his mother from the limelight of politics. Henceforth, both of them were mutinied and ultimately murdered.

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