16 May 218 – 11 March 222
SuccessorSeverus Alexander
Born204, Emesa, Syria or Rome, Italy
Died11/12 March 222 (aged 18), Rome, Italy
SpouseJulia Cornelia Paula
Aquilia Severa
Annia Aurelia Faustina
ChildrenSeverus Alexander (adoptive)
FatherSextus Varius Marcellus
MotherJulia Soaemias Bassiana

His Story

Coming directly as a revolt against his grandmother, Julia Maesa, this was big break in the life of this teenager, and this was instigated against Macrinus. It was claimed that Elagabalus was the son of Caracalla, Julia Maesa was the sister of Domna. Therefore, the army was incited to revolt against Macrinus, and ultimately restore the dynasty.

Macrinus was already ill when a sudden revolt broke on him, and he was still in the early recovery stages following the Caracalla’s heavy-hand rule. Macrinus got only lukewarm support that too from his own legions, and therefore, he was defeated right start in the battle. However, Elagabalus and his followers helped restored peace at the local level, and ultimately made their way for legitimizing their claim in Rome.

After his arrival, Elagalabus became a hated guy because he forcefully imposed the Syrian religion as the state religion officially. Thus, forced the Senate members to follow all the rituals. In addition to it, further scandal originated through marrying, divorcing, homosexuality, and remarrying a Vestal Virgin which was considered as the greatest taboo of that time. The enemies were just increasing, even Julia Maesa was involved in an attempt to get him murdered.


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