Claudius II “Gothicus”

Claudius II “Gothicus”

268 – 270 AD
Born10 May 214
DiedJanuary/April 270 (aged 55), Sirmium, Pannonia Inferior

His Story

As one of the principal conspirators, Claudius instigated a lethal mutiny against the Gallienus, while he was on the siege against the likes of usurper Aureolus.

Thus, he claimed to being designated as an heir by Gallienus on the deathbed, but this story was highly doubted due to the absence of witnesses with credibility.

However, Claudius still emerged to power over Gallienus’s fate, he quelled every discontent by providing a total of 20 Aurie. While also locating and finding Aureolus, who was then executed. 

Keeping controversial accession aside, Claudius was a great commander on the battlefield and the nickname ‘Gothicus’ was earned by him as a result of the destructive blow he gave to the Goths. The battle then ended with the score of some 50,000 tribe barbarians getting killed.

He didn’t have more time to secure further titles for himself, as he became a victim of the plague and ultimately faced death in Sirmium, after being in reign for two more years.

He was highly praised by the senate, who then titled him as one of the greatest emperors to live.

His family was linked to Constantine by contemporary historians, and interestingly his popularity still hadn’t died even half a century later.

However, Constantine exploited the value of public relations within this link, as he minted a series of coins that tend to honor his ancestor being dead. 

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