Claudius II Gothicus – Antonninianus – Spes

Claudius II “Gothicus” , 268 - 270 AD , Mediolanum

Obverse: IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG – Bust of Claudius Gothicus, radiate, draped, right

The Inscription reads: Imperator Claudius Pius Felix Augustus – Supreme commander (Imperator), Claudius, the pious, the fortunate, emperor (Augustus).


Reverse: SPES PVBLICA – Spes, draped, walking left, holding flower in right hand and raising robe with left hand

The Inscription reads: Spes Publica – Hope of the public.

  • Claudius II “Gothicus”
  • Mediolanum
  • Roman Imperial Period
  • Siliver
  • 5.15gr
  • 19mm
  • RIC 168 var

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