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The worth of the roman Denarius

The denarius was the standard Roman silver coin for five hundred years and formed the backbone of Roman currency throughout the Roman republic and the early empire. The word denarius is a Latin adjective that means “of ten” or “containing ten.” As a monetary unit, the denarius was originally a silver coin valued at 10 asse. It was […]

Roman Coin Denominations: Unity Details

As [AE] : This denomination, meaning ’unity’, was a standard unit in Roman coinages initially. It was first struck c.280 BC. From the beginning of the Empire it was struck in pure copper, making it look yellowish, but by the end of the 3rd century AD it was bronze. Hence, asses usually appear darker than […]

Roman Coin Denominations

Understanding the several popular denominations used in the Roman Empire is not very challenging. Coins from various eras can be differentiated by their sizes or look, as will be covered here. Similar to today, gold, silver, and copper or bronze were the primary metals. However, it should be noted that this is a very difficult […]