Tiberius II Constantine – Follis – Large M

Tiberius II Constantine , 578 - 582 AD , Constaninople

Obverse:  d m TIb CONSTANT P P AV – Crowned facing bust of Tiberius II Constantine, wearing consular robes, holding mappa and eagle-tipped scepter with cross.

The Inscription reads: Dominus Noster Tiberius Constantinus Perpetuus Augustus – Our Lord Tiberius Constantine perpetual august


Reverse: Large m between A/N/N/O and ЧII; above cross, below CONЄ


The Inscription reads: 40 Nummi – Year 8 -Constantinople 1st officina 

  • Tiberius II Constantine
  • Constantinople
  • Byzantine Coinage
  • Bronze
  • 10.71gr
  • 29mm
  • DOC 14e;

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