Probus – Antoninianus – Quadriga

Probus , 281 AD , Roman Imperial Coins

Obverse: IMP PROBVS P F AVG – Bust of Probus, radiate, cuirassed, right or bust of Probus, radiate, wearing imperial mantle, left, holding sceptre surmounted by eagle in right hand

The Inscription reads: Imperator Marcus Aurelius Probus Pius Felix Augustus – Supreme commander (Imperator), Probus, the pious, the fortunate, emperor (Augustus).

Reverse: SOLI INVICTO – Sol, radiate, in chariot riding left, raising right hand and holding globe and whip in left hand

The Inscription reads: Soli Invicto –  Sol the Invincible

  • Probus
  • Rome
  • Antoninianus
  • Silver
  • 4.02gr
  • 23mm
  • RIC Vii 203

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