Probus – Antoninianus – Probus riding

Probus , 276 - 282 AD , Cyzicus

Obverse:  IMP C M AVR PROBVS P AVG – Bust of Probus, radiate, cuirassed, right or bust of Probus, helmeted, radiate, cuirassed, left, holding spear in right hand and shield in left hand

The Inscription reads: Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Probus Pius Felix Augustus – Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Probus, Pious, Happy, emperor (Augustus).


Reverse:  VIRTVS PROBI AVG – Probus, riding left, raising right hand and holding sceptre in left hand; at his feet, captive

The Inscription reads: Virtus Probi Augusti – Courage of emperor (Augustus) Probus.

  • Probus
  • Cyzicus
  • Roman Imperial Period
  • Silver
  • 3.84gr
  • 23mm
  • RIC V Probus 888

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