Maximianus Herculius – Follis – Moneta

Maximianus “Herculius” , 300 -303 AD , Ticinum

Obverse: IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG – Laureate head of Maximianus to right

The Inscription reads: : Imperator Caesar Diocletianus Pius Felix Augustus – Emperor Caesar Diocletianus Pious Happy August


Reverse:  SACRA MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR / ST• – Moneta standing front, head to left, holding scales in her right hand and cornucopiae with her left

The Inscription reads: Sacra Moneta Augustorum Et Caesarum Nostrorum – Holy Moneta of our Augusts and our Caesars

  • Maximianus “Herculius”
  • Ticinum
  • Roman Imperial Period
  • Silvered bronze
  • 10.25gr
  • 28mm
  • RIC VI Ticinum 43b

Light corrosion, otherwise, about extremely fine.

From the Rauceby Hoard, found in Lincolnshire in July 2017, submitted for consideration as Treasure to the PAS and returned to the finders (PAS ID: LIN-F6D516, BM Ref: 2017 T649).

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