Marcus Aurelius – Dupondius – Victory

Marcus Aurelius , 170 - 171 AD , Roma

Obverse: M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXV – Head of Marcus Aurelius, radiate, right 

The inscription reads: Marcus Antoninus Augustus, Tribunicia Potestate Quinta Vicesima – Marcus [Aurelius] Antoninus emperor (Augustus), holder of tribunician power for the 25th time. 


Reverse: IMP VI COS III S C – Victory, winged, naked to waist, standing front, head right, setting on palm-tree right, shield inscribed VIC GER 

The inscription reads: Victoria Augusti. Consul Tertium, Pater Patriae. Senatus Consultum – Victory of the emperor (Augustus). Consul for the third time, father of the nation. Decree of the senate. 

  • Marcus Aurelius
  • Rome
  • featured, Roman Imperial Period
  • Bronze
  • 9.56gr
  • 24mm
  • RIC III 1002

VF - Good VF

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