Kaykhusraw II – Seljuq of Rum – Dirham

Kaykhusraw II , 1237 - 1246 , Konya

Obverse: Lion advancing to right, three stars around; above personification of sun. Around the lion is the name of the ‘Abbasid caliph: al-imam al-Mustansir billah amir al-mu’minin 

The Inscription reads:  al-imam al-Mustansir billah amir al-mu’minin  – “the imam al-Mustansir billah commander of the faithful”


Reverse:   Name and title in four lines; mint and date in outer margins

The Inscription reads: The reverse field names the sultan: al-sultan al-a’zam / ghiyath al-dunya wa al-din / Kaikhusru bin Kaiqubad (“the very great sultan / succor of the world and of the faith / Kaykhusraw son of Kayqubad”). The reverse margin has the mint and date: Qonya, AH 639.

  • Kaykhusraw II
  • Konya
  • featured, Islamic Coinage
  • Silver
  • 3gr
  • 23.1mm

Seljuqs of Rûm

Seljuqs of Rûm were a branch of the Seljuk Turks who established a sultanate in Anatolia in the 11th and 12th centuries. They were one of the most powerful Muslim states in the region, and played a crucial role in the Crusades and the Mongol invasions. The Seljuqs of Rûm expanded their territory by conquering Byzantine lands and other neighboring states, and established a cultural and artistic legacy that influenced later Turkish dynasties. The Seljuqs of Rûm were eventually defeated by the Mongols in 1243, and their sultanate was divided among various Mongol and Turkish vassals.

Lion and the Sun

The lion and sun symbol is one of the most famous Persian symbols, dating back to ancient times. It combines the image of a lion, the king of animals, with the sun, the source of light and life. The symbol has many historical and cultural meanings, such as power, royalty, astrology, religion and nationalism. The lion and sun motif was used as an emblem of Iran and appeared on its national flag until the 1979 Iranian Revolution. It is still used by some opposition groups and by people who identify with the pre-revolutionary era. The symbol is also found on many coins from Iran and other countries that were influenced by Persian culture.

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