1 July 69 – 23 June 79
Born17 November 9 AD, Falacrinum, Italy
Died23 June 79 (aged 69), Aquae Cutiliae
SpouseDomitilla the Elder (died before 69)
Caenis (mistress and de facto wife c. 65–74)


FatherTitus Flavius Sabinus
MotherVespasia Polla

His Story

The son of a tax collector and businessman in Vespasian.

He gained a stronghold in the senate by befriending people in high ranks. Therefore, eventually got appointed as Proconsul of Africa in his 63rd year. 

Under Nero, he became similar to a VIP, and was given the responsibility of suppressing certain revolts taking place in Israel.

A civil war got started during his period, following the death of Nero. Meanwhile, he named himself an emperor, while taking up the opportunity.

He defeated Vitellius by taking his troops to Rome, and he was among the throne’s last pretenders, while also being a former friend and colleague.

The rest of his reign was passed as a way to rebuild the wreckage caused by the troubles of 69 in Rome, e.g Roman economy.

The borders of the empire with Britain were also expanded, and citizenship was granted to various inhabitants from different sections of Roman rule.  

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