Valentinianus I

Valentinianus I

26 February 364 – 17 November 375
SuccessorGratianus and Valentinianus II
Born321, Cibalae, Dalmatia
Died17 November 375 (aged 54), Brigetio, Pannonia Valeria
SpouseMarina Severa Justina
Valentinian II
FatherGratianus Funarius

His Story

Valentinian became emperor after Jovian’s death.

He was a capable general and performed admirably on behalf of the empire given the advanced state of decay it was currently under.

To start things off he named his brother Valens co-emperor and was handed over the east half of the empire.

A couple of years later he named his young son Gratian co-ruler of the West as well in case anything happened while he was campaigning against the ever-present barbarians.

That something happened in 375 when he suffered a stroke after becoming angry at a group of barbarian peacemakers (presumably for offering unfavorable terms).

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