Trebonianus Gallus

Trebonianus Gallus

June 251 – August 253
PredecessorTrajanus Decius and Herennius Etruscus
Born206, Italy
DiedAugust 253 (aged 47, Interamna
SpouseAfinia Gemina Baebiana
Vibia Galla

His Story

Rising through the army ranks, Trebonianus received high-profile stature after Trajan Decius faced death in the battle. After all, he was selected as the next emperor by the army.

The popularity levels with the public and army waned inexorably much more for the rest of the  period in his reign.

Not he could have done much about his first mistake, it was to settle the battle score through similar war which killed Decius, through purchasing the enemy.

Whether it’s right or wrong, it was actually being viewed as a coward bordering act, which is treason.

The population was then decimated by a sudden plague, and the Hostilian was claimed which was co-Augustus alongside Gallus. Subsequently, with the disease and withering attacks by barbarians arise, the emperor had to face another damage.

Following the series of successful battles with barbarians, Aemilian stood up to the challenge. This gave his army and him, great confidence to attempt on overthrowing the problematic ruler.

Aemilian was approached to be confronted in the battle, as Gallus went through deep emotions. However, his army commanders had enough of him, and they killed him alongside his son (Volusian), moments before his engagement.

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