28 January 98 – 11 August 117
Born18 September 53, Italica, Hispania Baetica
Died9/11 August 117 (aged 63), Selinus, Cilicia
SpousePompeia Plotina
ChildrenHadrianus (adoptive)
Aelia Domitia Paulina (adoptive)
FatherMarcus Ulpius Trajanus
Nerva (adoptive)

His Story

Trajan was probably one of the Romans fondest-remembered emperors.

With Trajanus begins the era of the adoptive emperors, who were appointed successors during the lifetime of their predecessors.
This principle of selection has been maintained for about 100 years and has brought the Roman Empire a heyday that has never been wilder.
Only capable and meritorious manners, regardless of rank and lineage, were given the chance to ascend the throne.
So Nerva had the Prefect of Germania, Trajanus, appointed as successor, a native Spaniard from an old but by no means wealthy family.
He was preceded by the reputation of a prudent, just governor. the military and He was well educated in economics and successfully resided in Germania. His appointment was unanimously welcomed by the people, the Senate and the military.
Under Trajan’s leadership, the Roman Empire reached its greatest extent. In two campaigns, Trajan finally defeated the Dacians, later subjugating Mesopotamia, Assyria, Armenia and large parts of Arabia.
In Alexander’s footsteps, he penetrated to the borders of India. When the Parthians and Jews rose up in his rear, Trajan had to stop his advance.
On the way to Rome he fell seriously ill and died at the age of 65 in Selinus. His prestige and authority are based on his powerful and single-minded personality. Tolerance and humanity characterized his life and work as well as his tireless efforts to create unity between people and state.
He had roads and bridges built, deserts cultivated, swamps drained and harbours built. Among its imposing monuments, Trajan’s Column stands out, a 38-metre-high monument that tells the story of the victory over the Dakar in 155 individual reliefs.
Trajanus was married to Plotina before he became emperor, but had no children. His sister Mariana and also her daughter Matidia, are handed down to us through mouth pictures

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