24 June 79 – 13 September 81
Born30 December 39, Rome, Italy
Died13 September 81 (aged 41), Rome, Italy
SpouseArrecina Tertulla (c.62 AD; her death)
Marcia Furnilla (c.63–65 AD; divorced);
Berenice (concubine, 79 AD separated)

Julia Flavia (by Arrecina)
Flavia (by Furnilla)


His Story

The elder son of Vespasianus, born 39 AD in Rome, accompanied Vader from a young age on the campaigns in Germania and Britain.
Already under Nero he became legion leader and operated skillfully in Palestine.  After his Vader was crowned emperor, Titus  returned to Rome and assisted him in his affairs of government.
Vespasianus finally commissioned him to put down the Jewish rebellion once and for all.
Titus is said to have agreed to the destruction of Jerusalem only reluctantly and only in the face of the bitter resistance of the inhabitants. However, the construction of the Arch of Titus, named after him, in the eastern part of the Roman Forum (as a sign of triumphant victory) is attributed to his father.
After Titus’s death, he succeeded him, but died unexpectedly after only two years in office. It is said that his brother Domitianus had him poisoned.
Titus left behind a daughter Julia (Titi), who later lived with her uncle.
Titus, highly intelligent, a liberal spirit, sensual but incorruptible, was extremely popular with the people. He was considered a peaceful and moderate ruler.
During his reign, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (79 AD) with the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as another major fire in Rome and a plague epidemic took place.

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