Maximinus II Daia

Maximinus II Daia

310 – July 313
SuccessorLicinius I
Born20 November c. 270, near Felix Romuliana
Diedc. July 313 (aged c. 42), Tarsus

His Story

Maximinus “Daia”, Galerius’s nephew, was selected as his eastern Caesar beneath the tumbling Tetrarchy of Diocletian.

He was sent to look after Egypt and Syria where he was waiting for his turn to be the emperor of the empire’s eastern half.

It was unfortunate for him because Severus II, the Caesar of the western part, got defeated by Maxentius usurper. This in return forced Galerius to name his replacement, which was Licinius.

The death of Galerius was in 311, and Licinius got ascended to Augustus while overtaking the senior Caesar, Maximinus.

This made Maximinus really upset, but still, they both overcome their differences and quo status got preserved for that particular time.

Trouble was then started again by Licinius, so he joined hands with Constantine who later went on to defeat the army of Maximian and Maxentius (known as a secret ally of Maximinus).

Thus, Maximinus finally realized, he was not able to bear it anymore and thought he was the next to be on the chopping board.

He then declared war on Licinius as an initiative. However, Licinius had a more powerful military, which made him defeat Maximinus in two different battles.

Maximinus was either killed, or he himself done suicide, while his family was also executed by the Licinius. 

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