Maximianus “Herculius”

Maximianus “Herculius”

1 April 286 – 1 May 305
SuccessorGalerius and Constantius I Chlorus
Bornc. 250, Sirmium
Diedc. July 310 (aged around 60), Massilia
ChildrenFlavia Maximiana Theodora

His Story

Maximianus, nicknamed Herculius, was one of the members of Tetrarchy, who had a very complex reign which started after he and Diocletian, started equal ruling in 286.

Maximianus had the authority of the Western part of the empire alongside Constantius I. Whereas his junior, alongside Galerius and Diocletian ruled the other eastern part. 

After many years of usurpers and revolts, both Diocletian and he had abdicated, so that their Caesars may take their spot in 306.

Finally, it will be the end of this peaceful management soon, when Maxentius, the son of Maximianus, will start a revolt of his own. 

Upon witnessing that it would lead to legitimacy claims, Maxentius asked his father to return the top post. However, Maximianus was a little hesitant during the initial period, but finally, he accepted the offer of his son. 

Under Diocletian’s scheme, he abdicated voluntarily, and was now caught in Maxentius’s fervor for becoming the only ruler.

Failure was faced by Maxentius when he lost many of the key battles to Constantine. Thus, Maximianus discovered himself in an awkward position for being emperor.

Ultimately, got extensively isolated. So, Constantine cornered him, and he was either killed through execution or himself committed suicide. 

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