Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius

7 March 161 – 17 March 180
PredecessorAntoninus Pius
SuccessorLucius Verus (161–169)
Commodus (177–180)
Born26 April 121, Rome, Italy
Died17 March 180 (aged 58), Vindobona, Pannonia Superior
SpouseFaustina the Younger

14, including:
Marcus Annius Verus Caesar
Annia Galeria Aurelia Faustina
Annia Cornificia Faustina Minor
Vibia Aurelia Sabina

FatherMarcus Annius Verus
Antoninus Pius (adoptive)
MotherDomitia Calvilla

His Story

Known for his philosophical interests, Marcus Aurelius was one of the most respected emperors in Roman history.

Marcus Aurelius was well-known for his philosophical interests, and he was among the most admired and respected emperors in the Roman history.

To become Augustus, Marcus Aurelius owes a lot. Also, thanks to Hadrian, who took his grooming responsibility from childhood to the present post.

After Hadrian died, he immediately became Caesar, while his political grooming continued to grow under the guidance of Antoninus Pius.

Another twenty years were needed to wait for him, in order to see himself become Augustus, and this a  in year 161. This didn’t happen any sooner because he was involved in multiple wars that ate up his time and life in the office.

While fighting the ever-harassing tribes of the Germanic region, he lost his life and ultimately power, which was then transferred to Commodus, his son. 

At the time of his lengthy ruling period, he is remembered as the noblest and most even-keeled among all emperors.

A considerable power of his post was preferred by him for pursuing the enlightenment period for his character.

According to the summary of Gibbon, “he was severe to himself, beneficial for the mankind and indulged to other’s imperfections.


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