Julia Domna

Julia Domna

193 – 211 AD
Bornc. 160 AD, Emesa, Roman Syria
Died217 AD, Antioch
SpouseSeptimius Severus
Children Caracalla
FatherJulius Bassianus

Her Story

Septimius Severus’ wife Julia Domna was the mother of Geta and Caracalla.

Domna was renowned as empress for her effect on politics, society, and philosophy. She was given honorific names like “Mother of the Invincible Camps.”
Prior to Fulvia Plautilla’s downfall, she shared the throne briefly with her elder son Caracalla’s bride after he began governing alongside his father.

After Severus died in 211, Domna became the first empress dowager to be given the title combination “Pia Felix Augusta,” which would have suggested that she had more authority than the typical Roman empress mother.

Her sons took over as kings. Domna served as their mediator because of their tense relationship, but later that year Caracalla had his brother Geta killed.

Upon learning of Caracalla’s murder during his expedition against Parthia, on which she had accompanied him to Antioch, Julia Domna committed herself in 217.

In 218 after Domna’s passing, her older sister Julia Maesa succeeded in reestablishing the Severan dynasty.

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