11 August 117 – 10 July 138
SuccessorAntoninus Pius
Born24 January 76, Italica, Hispania Baetica
Died10 July 138 (aged 62), Baiae, Italy
SpouseVibia Sabina

Lucius Aelius Caesar (Adoptive)

Antoninus Pius (Adoptive)

FatherTraianus (Adoptive)
MotherDomitia Paulina

His Story

Hadrian was the cousin of Trajan with whom he had a rocky love-hate relationship.

Hadrian lost his father at the age of and was educated under Trajan’s tutelage. When he became emperor, Hadrian accompanied him on his campaigns against the Dakar and later became governor of Syria. During the Parthian War, Trajan appointed him as his successor.
Hadrian was proclaimed emperor in Antioch in August 117 after news of Trojan’s death became known. Hadrian immediately made peace with the Parthians and renounced the conquered territories.
Despite the fierce resistance of the military, he continued his peace-loving policy and also forced the Senate to approve his reform plans, which were exclusively aimed at internal affairs. Consolidation of the empire.
Hadrianus undertook many journeys and had famous border fortifications built, mainly in Germania and Britain (Limes, Hadrian’s wall).
His fondness for the Greeks permeated the entire Roman world, from education to architecture. It culminated in the founding of many cities in Greece and Asia Minor, which still bear his name today, and the embellishment of his favorite city, Athens.
Hadrian, who had married the grandniece of Trajanus, Sabina, in 100 AD, died childless after a long illness. His marriage was not particularly happy and especially in recent years overshadowed by the tragic death of Antinous, a beautiful young man from Bithynia, who accompanied the emperor constantly.
Hadrian later gave him divine honors by erecting statues, temples and entire cities. In the last year of his life, Hadrianus adopted Antoninus Pins after his original favorite, Aelius, had recently died of tuberculosis.
(Bust of Augustus, Rome 2023, Picture by Juan Carlos Oviedo)

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