Faustina I (The Elder)

Faustina I (The Elder)

138 – 140 AD
Born16 February c. 100
DiedOctober or November 140 (aged 40)
near Rome, Italy
SpouseAntoninus Pius
ChildrenMarcus Aurelius (adoptive)
Lucius Verus (adoptive)
Aurelia Fadilla
Annia Galeria Faustina II the Younger
FatherMarcus Annius Verus
MotherRupilia Faustina

Her Story

Antoninus Pius’ spouse.  Despite widespread allegations that she was unfaithful to him, Antoninus mourned her passing greatly.
Together with Emperor Lucius Verus, Emperor Marcus Aurelius was her nephew and later adoptive son.

Marcus Aurelius, who later also experienced the loss of his wife, married Faustina II, her daughter another woman of dubious reputation.

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