14 September 81 – 18 September 96
Born24 October 51, Rome, Italy
Died18 September 96 (aged 44), Rome, Italy
SpouseDomitia Longina

Flavius Caesar
Vespasian Minor (possibly adopted)
Domitian Minor (possibly adopted)


His Story

Domitian was the brother of Titus and the son of Vespasian. After Titus’s death, Domitian was provided with the title of Augustus and that’s how he later became an emperor.

Domitian, therefore, campaigned heavily in the Britain and area which is Germany in the current times. Meanwhile, ending up succeeding in both of these areas.

Moreover, he also had concerns with the economic levels, including the frequent revised tax laws which were used as a way to extend income treasury by keeping tax collection busy.

The money was then utilized to rebuild Rome, which already witnessed two major fires alongside the construction of latest projects for building.

Despite doing all good, still Domitian was immensely hated by the Senate which was put on short lease every time. He suspected others by nature, therefore, all those who were suspected of plotting against him were straightway executed.

Another reason for the rising enemy ratio against him was that he legislated strict moral laws with zero concessions for eccentric behaviors and personal affairs.

Similar to other emperors, Domitian was also assassinated which was uninvestigated further. However, many scholars believe that his successor, Nerva, was behind it.

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