Constantius I Chlorus

Constantius I Chlorus

1 May 305 – 25 July 306
SuccessorConstantine I and Severus II
Born31 March c. 250, Dacia Ripensis
Died25 July 306 (aged c. 56), Eboracum, Britania
SpouseHelena (disputed) and Theodora
ChildrenConstantine I the Great
Flavius Dalmatius
Julius Constantius
Flavia Julia Constantia

His Story

If the accounts of chroniclers of the day can be believed, Constantius was the grandnephew of Claudius Gothicus.

But the Constantius sympathizers may have made these links to Claudius, who also noted that Claudia, the niece of Claudius, had a name similar to Claudius’s great-aunt.

The link may be extremely valuable as a way for substantiating the imperial line of succession from the former emperor that was desired.

Constantius, however, still climbed the ranks of the military and held a solid position under Maximian, as a Praetorian Prefect.

Constantius was selected as a Caesar under the Tetrarchy scheme of Diocletian, when Maximian became a co-emperor. The task of gaining back Britain was then awarded to him, which under the reign of Carausius got seceded from the empire. Even Maximian couldn’t manage to take proper care.

Since, Carausius leveraged the authority of a powerful naval fleet, so he opted for stealth for avoiding a battlefield at sea. Thus, with the help of strong and thick fog, he drove his troops toward the Britain.

After reaching London, he got to know about the murder of Carausius, and it was done by Allectus, Carausius’s own Praetorian Prefect, who later got defeated in a short preceding.

Ten years later in Britain where Constantius died due to natural reasons. It was here as an aid to his son, Constantine, who was involved in fighting with Pict invasion.

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