Constans I

Constans I

333 - 350 AD
PredecessorConstantine I
SuccessorMagnentius and Vetranio
Born 322 or 323 AD
DiedJanuary 350 (aged 27),  Vicus Helena, Gaul
FatherConstantine I the Great

His Story

Constans, the middle son of Constantine’s three surviving sons, succeeded to the thrones of Italy and the African provinces of the Roman Empire following his father’s passing in 337.

Constans and Constantine II started arguing about who received what shortly after this occurred, and the latter intended to settle the matter with his army.

Lucky for Constans, however, all of Constantine II’s previous domains were readily seized once Constantine died in battle, making him the de facto ruler of the West.

He maintained his position of authority for an additional ten years until the troubled Constantius II sparked suspicion in his own army and his most senior general, Magnentius, declared himself to be the emperor.

Constans had little real power without an army, so he made the best of his flight.

His former warriors took him out of the temple where he was hiding after discovering him.

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