Claudius I

Claudius I

24 January 41 – 13 October 54 AD
Born1 August 10 BC, Lugdunum, Gaul
Died13 October AD 54 (aged 63), Rome, Italy
Spouse Plautia Urgulanilla
Aelia Paetina
Valeria Messalina
Julia Agrippina
ChildrenClaudius Drusus
Claudia Antonia
Claudia Octavia
Nero (adopted)
FatherNero Claudius Drusus
MotherAntonia the Younger

His Story

Ideally known for a successful Rome expansion into the Middle East, Britain, and parts or Africa, Claudius was an expert leader that extended the empire’s judicial system with massive improvements. This included: extension of Roman citizenship, introducing laws for protecting enslaved workers, and giving more rights to the citizens.

After Caligula’s murder, Praetorian Guard needed a worthy successor, so it quickly let the senate step in, and wanting to revert back to the type of Republic of pre-Julius Caesar’s era. Caligula’s only relative they could find was Claudius, who was the uncle of Caligula.

Claudius was someone who loved solitary life and that’s why was known little through the design. After all, he was suffering from many physical deformations which he always kept away from the limelight in order to avoid embarrassment.

His uncle, Caligula, presented him to the public when he was 46 years of age. That’s where he held the position of Suffect Consul, or also known as replacement consul. However, this was done by Caligula in order to spite the senate, so there was not any special affection towards Claudius.

Despite this, Claudius got a great degree of acceptance while being in public. To support this perception, he was educated and so never acted as an administrator. The events next to this, came all in his favor. 

When his candidacy was announced for the seat of power, the senate had to rectify their decision, while obliging. 

The only poor decision he made while being a ruler was to marry his own niece. After all, she turned out to bring only problems for him, while also proceeding with an agenda of grooming her son for the replacement of Claudius.

She was successful in her ambitions, and therefore ended up easily manipulating Claudius to achieve her endeavors. Finally, when Nero was a confirmed replacement as a rightful heir, she poisoned him and Nero took his place.  

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