May 270 – October 275
Born9 September 214, Dacia Ripensis
DiedOctober 275 (aged 61), Caenophrurium, Thracia
SpouseUlpia Severina



His Story

Among one of the greatest army commanders in Roman history!

Gothicus had become a victim of plague after Claudius, while the Broder Quintillus had committed suicide. The troops proclaimed Aurelianus as their emperor in 270 AD, in the native city of Sirmium.

Therefore, he was the most capable and brilliant officer, since the time the imperial throne was under Traianus. A legendary reputation was enjoyed by Aurelianus in his lifetime, being a military commander and strategist.

Moreover, he won decisive victories under Gordianus III, being a cavalry general. 

The senate, people, and also army happily left the state leadership to him.

During his reigning years, he accomplished many milestones. Not only he got succeeded in securing the borders, but also got successful in uniting the empire. With that, his reputation in Rome got exceeded, and also his claim to the Mediterranean world got easy.

Alongside Tetricus’s subjugation, the rule of Rome got returned to Gallo-Roman Western Empire. The defensive battles with blood, finally saw Aurelianus droving the Alemanni away. After all, the capital was getting threatened by him from northern Italy, from the alps. 

The surrender came from the Goths, who left the Romans Moesia and Thrace. Peace was forced by Aurelianus from the Dacians, if behind the Danube they had retreated. The most crucial success for the emperor emerged with the defeat of Palmyra kingdom, which was all set to destroy the entire Eastern Empire, including Egypt, under the leadership of Zenobia.

In a triumphal procession of kilometer-long size, visual demonstrations were given by Aurelianus to the Romans in 273 AD. This idea was to let people know that empire had now successfully regained its former glory with god representation, and a powerful emperor.

Zenobia, the ex-queen needed to pull her wagon with the golden chains, even though, the voluntary retired Tetricus was being carried as a prisoner with his son.

For giving Roman natives, a security feeling during his presence, the construction of a protective wall was ordered by the Aurelianus. This stone wall was 4m wide, had a 6m hole, and was 18 kilometers long.

The towers partly preserve the wall, and there are 18 gates today. However, the completion wasn’t witnessed by Aurelianus, since he didn’t live long. Henceforth, the wall got completed by the latest emperor, Probus.

During the campaign preparation against the Persians, the ambitious officers made Aurelianus a victim of their aspiration in Thrace.

After a long reign of 5 years, he died aged 67 years and nine months, while leaving behind an empire that is economically reinvigorated.

Without a doubt, Aurelianus was a great ruler, personality-wise. He lacked a sense of spirituality and kindness, but his determination and energy, knowledge of human nature, penchant for pragmatism, discipline, and generosity are some of the reasons why he was rated higher than any average statesman. Therefore, he rightly deserved respect much more than his successes in the military.

Aurelianus was married, however, it’s not confirmed whether he had children. The only modest expenses were for his wife Severina, and there isn’t a single coin with imperial descendants or Caesars.


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