Antoninus Pius

Antoninus Pius

11 July 138 – 7 March 161
SuccessorMarcus Aurelius
Lucius Verus
Born19 September 86, Lanuvium, Italy
Died7 March 161 (aged 74), Lorium, Italy
SpouseAnnia Galeria Faustina

Faustina the Younger
1 other daughter and 2 sons
Marcus Aurelius (adoptive)
Lucius Verus (adoptive)

FatherTitus Aurelius Fulvus (natural)
Hadrian (adoptive)
MotherArria Fadilla
Vibia Sabina (adoptive)

His Story

Antoninus Pius headed the Roman Empire from 138-161 AD; his reign is distinguished from the other rulers of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty owing to how peaceful it was..

After the unexpected death of Aelius, Hadrianus quickly appointed one of his closest advisors as His successor: the landowner and country nobleman Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Arvius Antoninus.

Since he was already 52 years old, he had to provide for his succession by immediately adopting two Caesars. He chose M. Annius Verus (Marcus Aurelius) and the son of the early deceased Aelius, Lucius Verus, his election, which ensured peace and economic prosperity for the Roman Empire for decades to come.

Antoninus came from the Provencal patrician family from the area of Nemausus (Nimes), who had already in the Campagna. He was born in Lanuvium (Lazio) in 86 AD and was the first time in 120 AD. Consul.

Julius Capitolinus, a Roman historian, described Antoninus Pius as a strikingly sparing Mann, a full-bodied aristocrat, modest, abstinent and erudite: so was his government, the domestic and foreign policy was as peaceful as rarely.

All hostilities seemed to be suffocated by the emperor’s desire for peace. Antoninus was given the honorary names Pius by the Senate.

When his wife, Faustina Senior, in the 3rd year of his reign, die she was elevated to DIVA. Their daughter, Faustina Junior married in 145 AD Marcus Aurelius.

Adorned with honours and titles, Antoninus Pius died in Rome in 161 AD. which, unlike his predecessor, he had never left during his 23-year reign.




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