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The worth of the roman Denarius

The Roman Denarius was a standard silver coin that served as the backbone of Roman currency for over 500 years. Originally valued at 10 asse, the Denarius was introduced during the Second Punic War in 211 BC and was used until AD 238. However, continuous debasement caused its replacement by the Antoninianus. Despite its debasement, the Roman Denarius remains a valuable and sought-after artifact for collectors and historians alike.


The Rauceby Hoard, Largest Roman coin hoard found in UK

The Rauceby Hoard is the largest recorded hoard of Roman coins found in Britain to date, discovered by a detectorist near Ancaster in July 2017. The hoard, consisting of 3,099 tetrarchic nummi dating from 294 to 307 AD, was found in a ceramic pot buried in a large oval pit. The hoard is believed to be a ceremonial or votive offering, providing further evidence for so-called ‘ritual’ hoarding in Roman Britain.

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